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A totally private personal database and note taking app

Remember ideas, track research, share documents, or bookmark your favorite sites.

Turtl makes it easy to organize your life and uses solid encryption to keep it all safe.

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  • Track research

    Turtl makes it easy to organize research for your projects. Whether you're cataloging inspiration for your next design, tracking libraries and code snippets for the app you're building, or saving sources and ideas for the paper you're writing.

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    Stay secure

    Everything you put into Turtl is encrypted, and only you hold the keys to unlock your data. Turtl takes your privacy seriously, making it a great for security-conscious individuals and small businesses.
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    Open source

    We believe in transparency. Turtl's code is open source for anyone to view. Not only does this make Turtl overall more secure, it allows you to self-host Turtl inside your organization.